We partner with clients to create fragranced products in our Grasse Atelier

PCW is a multi-faceted global fragrance business founded in 1986 and situated in Grasse, France. Our mission is to service an international clientele to create, design and manufacture perfumes, home scents and fragranced products. 

We aim to convey emotion through perfumery using high quality raw materials and an artisanal creative experience. Everything is made and assembled by hand at our premises, with the knowledge and savoir-faire that has been accumulated over many years. 

Fragrance Atelier

A key facet of the business is the trade of high-quality natural fragrance materials and synthetics sourced from around the globe.

PCW has over one thousand references on site that can be dispatched within 48 hours. There is no minimum order quantity required and no minimum charge for raw materials. You can contact us for any enquiry, large or small.

Fragrance Materials

We are proud to be located in Grasse, the region known worldwide as the home of fragrance creation.

The PCW team recently moved into new and improved premises in Grasse, due to a steady growth in business. The modern space in AromaGrasse includes offices, fragrance creation and application laboratories, a quality control testing area, warehousing for raw materials and a production plant where perfumes are bottled and packed.  Principal shareholder and Managing Director Patrice Blaizot, says that the expansion into new premises is a significant investment and a logical step in the evolution of the company.

Grasse has a significant heritage in all aspects of perfumery and traditions have been handed down generation to generation since the 16th century.

The area is known for its micro climate, Jasmine Grandiflorum and famed Rose Centifolia or Rose de Mai. The savoir-faire and skills related to perfume development in Grasse have been recognised by UNESCO and are now inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We maintain a presence in our local community and continue to be involved with partnerships that benefit the fragrance industry.

PCW is proud to be a partner in the Grasse Expertise project. #GRASSE EXPERTISE ® brings together professionals in the fragrance and flavour sector in Grasse, and is dedicated to the development of perfume and plant production in the area.

At PCW we are committed to innovation and corporate social responsibility. We work to the principles of lean manufacturing and are ISO certified.

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PCW employ 40 people who live in the wider Grasse area.

We have a team of highly skilled staff who work together to bring each fragrance project to fruition with expertise in the following areas:

  • Fragrance creation and development
  • In-house perfumery expertise
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Project managers for client creation work
  • Production
  • Research and development
  • Logistics
  • Regulatory
  • Raw materials
  • Warehousing
  • Marketing and communications
  • General management
  • Compounding
  • Fragrance Ingredient Sales

The Team

Patrice Blaizot


Eléonore Thore

Divisional Manager Ingredients

Olivier Lion

Chief Financial Officer and Operations Manager

Xavier Blaizot

Perfumer and Business Development

Maud Chabanis


Manon Olivan

Laboratory Application

Anne-Cécile Douvegheant

Laboratory Application

Charlène Gauthier

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Amelia Garossi

Project Manager Finished Products

Gilda Gillet

Project Manager Finished Products

Alexandre Zini

Project Manager Finished Products

Barbara Baudoin

Fragrance Project Manager

Sabine Dessainte

Fragrance Purchasing Manager

Barbara Donadieu

Sales Administrator

Arnaud Lamy

Compounds Manufacturing Manager

Loredana Woelffle

Production Manager

Pierre Sinigaglia

Logistics Manager

Sandrine Lions

Logistics Coordinator