At PCW we have the capability and expertise to manufacture fragrances, candles and home scents.

Everything is manufactured on a hand assembled production line and checked thoroughly for total compliance. This means that we pay very close attention to detail and our quality assurance is guaranteed. We are ISO certified with full traceability to ensure that products are finished in perfect condition and to your satisfaction. 

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We have seen an increase in the demand for candle production over the past two years.

Our capabilities have expanded in this area to handle large production orders quickly and effectively.

We have specialists in candle testing and evaluation and can also compose the fragrance formulation so we are able to offer clients a full service offer.

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For fragrances and perfumes, we fill and assemble each component.

We also have a perfume design team, so all fragrance composition can be taken care of on site. Again, everything is checked thoroughly at each stage so that customers are satisfied.

At each stage of the manufacturing process, clients are kept up to date by their project manager so that satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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