A key facet of the PCW business is the trade of high-quality natural and synthetic fragrance ingredients sourced from around the globe.

We have spent many years working with the world’s best growers and suppliers to bring our customers a selection of  high quality materials.  As an example of this, we have an exclusive agreement with Capua in southern Italy who make the world’s finest citrus ingredients, to sell their products in the the South of France. 

We also offer organic certification on a selection of ingredients. 

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We want to make the purchase process as simple as possible so that we can bring high quality materials to the customer.

Whether you are a current client, independent perfumer or a perfumery student with an interest in scent creation, you can now purchase fragrance ingredients in a simple process online.  There is no minimum order quantity and no minimum charge for raw materials.  The ordering process is simple and the delivery cost is set at a fixed price, if the order is less than 5kg.  Transportation costs vary according to customer region and are straightforward and transparent. Ingredients can be dispatched within 48 hours.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Top quality as always, I’m very happy with the materials.” (O.P.)

“My package arrived today and the service was perfect, I am super excited to smell all the things and think of what I next want to buy.” (A.D.)

In our Grasse headquarters we have over 1000 materials available for purchase directly on our ingredients website that can be transported directly to your door.

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