PCW is the Fragrance Atelier where all of your requirements are taken care of. Everything can be managed and produced on site with our unique capabilities in fragrance composition, raw materials and production expertise.

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At PCW, we are unique in our capability to produce fragrance products from start to finish.

Our aim is to transform a scent project from dream to reality as every element of the personal or home fragrance creation can be organised on site.  The selection of natural and synthetic materials and scent formulation is taken care of by our perfumer and fragrance design team. Due to our expertise and trade in fragrance materials, we have over 1000 ingredients on site to formulate your perfumed products in our fragrance laboratory.

Design elements, artwork, packaging, bottles, caps and containers are sourced and selected by our team of project managers, who work closely with each client to ensure that customer needs are prioritised.

To produce your fragrance project, home scent or candle we have a hand assembled production line with high quality assurance and our project managers guide the process each step of the way. Furthermore all regulatory compliance documentation, insurance and logistics can be handled in-house. 

The PCW Fragrance Atelier

In our Fragrance Atelier, you can create fragrances, candles and home scents with us from start to finish with our full service capability.

In addition to offering this full service programme, you can also cherry pick from our services to find what you need to complete your project. For instance, this could mean that you have the fragrance formulation but would like PCW to find the components, produce the fragrance and take care of the regulatory forms and shipping.

We remain very flexible so that we can help you create and complete your fragrance, home scent or candle.

Our project managers are here to explain how we work with clients in the PCW Fragrance Atelier, so click on the videos below to find out more.

Step 1 : Briefing With Your Project Manager So We Understand Your Fragrance Needs

The creation of your fragrance, candle or home scent starts with a discussion with our project managers who will understand and ascertain your aims and expectations.

They will guide you throughout the entire process. At each step of the creation of your scented product the project managers are there to help you.

When your requirements are understood, project estimates will be made so that we can proceed on your sign off.

Step 2 : Select Your Fragrance Components

Every fragrance and home fragrance needs packaging. Select the necessary components for your project.

This may include bottles, pumps, caps and containers.

We can also assist in finding the packaging and selecting your artwork and design elements.

Step 3 : Create Your Scent With Our Fragrance Design Team

Make your fragrance come to life with the expertise of our fragrance design team, including our in-house perfumer who has access to hundreds of materials to make the perfect scent for your needs.

When we create you will be involved in the process to ensure 100% satisfaction with the result.

Your fragrance will be meticulously produced and macerated in our laboratory so that the scent is blended and ready to be assembled.

Step 4 : Production Of Your Fragrance, Candle Or Home Scent

Your fragrance or home scent is hand assembled in our production area.

We can add our NEW Oxyguard technology to protect your fragrance.

We have total quality assurance so that your products are finished in perfect condition.

Everything is checked thoroughly to ensure total compliance.

Step 5 : Finalisation Of Your Regulatory Files

As a penultimate step, we ensure that all regulatory requirements including cosmetic files are taken care of. These include the Technical and Security Data sheets, in addition to the IFRA 50 Certificate and the Allergens Declaration.

Step 6 : Logistics are Finalised

The creation process is complete and your fragranced products are shipped from PCW to their final destination ready for your customers. All insurance and logistics files can be taken care of by our team.